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Top Art Shows in Paris This Week: Gérard Garouste to Lyle Ashton Harris to Young-Jae Lee

Top Art Shows in Paris This Week: Gérard Garouste to Lyle Ashton Harris to Young-Jae Lee
Naaman, 2017. Gérard Garouste (b.1946, France). oil on canvas. 160 x 195 cm (63 X 76 3/4 in)
(Courtesy: Galerie Templon)

With a group show of 17 artists opening at Chantal Crousel, Gérard Garouste’s new show coming at Galerie Templon, and installation by Lyle Ashton Harris to be unveiled at Centre Pompidou- Paris is set to host a number of art shows in this week. Blouin Artinfo created a list of these must-visit shows for its readers:


“ReCycle” at Chantal Crousel Gallery

March 10 through April 20, 2018

A selection of works reflecting on the power of recycling, ranging between 1942 and 2017 will be open to the viewers at Chantal Crousel Gallery this Saturday. Bringing together creations by 17 artists from different eras, the show explores the assembly principle and potential of recycling process. Taking cues from groundbreaking works of Kurt Schwitters, collages and works with mixed media by Kurt Schwitters, Carol Rama and Ray Johnson, alongside contemporary works by Thomas Hirschhorn, Clément Rodzielski and David Douard, the exhibition highlights the potential of new meanings hidden in everyday materials, hinting towards the current issues pertaining to the environmental changes.

“Once (Now) Again” by Lyle Ashton Harris at Center Pompidou

March 10 through April 1, 2018

“Once (Now) Again” is an installation specially adapted for the Center Pompidou, composed of three videos and a series of photographs taken between 1986 and 2000 by Lyle Ashton Harris. Showcased on three screens, these photographs are drawn from his “Ektachrome Archive”, featuring images of his friends, family, and lovers; while the three videos are made from images shot in Hi8 and MiniDV. The consolidated narrative of these works reflects on moments of life in which personal journeys and political resistance are intimately linked. The visual story represented in these works draws the notions of multiculturalism, globalization and the second wave of AIDS activism.



Gérard Garouste’s “Zeugma” at Galerie Templon

March 15 through May 12, 2018

The exhibition presents around 30 oil paintings by artist Gérard Garouste, created in the span of the last three years. “Zeugma” means “the bridge” in Greek, and the images conjured in these paintings encompass a wide array of symbols like bridges, rivers, animated and distorted characters, plucked geese, herds of donkeys, and recognizable figures like Pinocchio, Kafka and Borges. The artist, although a lot calmer in his approach than his past, takes a radical step with this exhibition. The works represent combination of stories from the Talmudic tradition with elements borrowed from literature and his own life, takes on the themes that was once very essential to him, as well as their prevailing interpretations.

“France Viewed from the Grand Siècle: Drawings by Israël Silvestre (1621–1691)” at the Musée du Louvre

March 15 through June 25, 2018

Prolific French draftsman Israël Silvestre’s (1621–1691) engravings are well-known due to its wide circulation, but his drawings remained relatively elusive to public viewing. The Musée du Louvre houses a rich collection of these drawings, and through this exhibition, they will be publicly displayed for the first time.



“From Calder to Koons, Jewelry of Artists. The Ideal Collection of Diane Venet” at Musée des Arts Décoratifs

March 7 through July 8, 2018

Diane Venet’s jewelry collection will be showcased in this exhibition. From Alexander Calder to Jeff Koons, from Max Ernst, Pablo Picasso and Niki de Saint Phalle to César, Takis and Louise Bourgeois, a host of modern and contemporary artists have taken a close interest in jewelry. This exhibition presents Venet’s collection of the artists’ jewelries, sharing her passion for these miniature artworks that often echo the artist’s formal language. The show will display her collection of some 230 pieces, complemented by exceptional loans from galleries, collectors and the artists’ families, chronologically and thematically illustrates the work of 150 French and foreign artists.



“Eugène Leroy: Intérieurs” at Galerie Nathalie Obadia

Closing on March 17, 2018

Galerie Nathalie Obadia presents artist Eugène Leroy’s (1910-2000) exhibition “Intérieurs.” Curated by another artist Sarkis Zabunyan (b. 1938, Istanbul), this exhibition gathers a selection of about 40 pieces of artwork. Sarkis curated this show to confront his own creations with the master’s work he considers absolutely essential. The exhibition tackles the notion of accumulation, which takes up different forms in the work of the two artists.



“Céramique” at Galerie Karsten Greve

Through April 14, 2018

This exhibition presents ceramic works by the Korean artist Young-Jae Lee (b. 1951, Seoul). The presentation in the Gallery focuses on the spindle vases. This form of design is based on the hang-a-ri, a Korean storage vessel, whose round form is dictated by the abundance of its intended content. The artistic work of Lee displays cross-cultural influences and sculptural considerations.

“Dominique Blais: La Fin Du Contretemps” at Galerie Xippas

Through April 7, 2018

Galerie Xippas presents French artist Dominique Blais’s (b. 1974) fourth solo exhibition at the gallery. The show displays recent artworks by the artist, produced from 2014 until now, which are technological and can be situated in between two paradoxically linked polarities – magic and science. They explore potentialities of sensible entities, such as sound, light and movement and search conceptual and poetic cores inside these phenomena.

“Dutch artists in Paris, 1789-1914” at Petit Palais

Through May 13, 2018

This exhibition highlights the extensive artistic and aesthetic exchanges between Dutch and French painters from the reign of Napoleon to the beginning of the 20th century. From traditional flower paintings to the aesthetic ruptures of modernity, the show includes work by artists such as Jongkind, van Gogh, Géricault, David, Corot, Millet, Boudin, Cézanne, Monet, Signac, Picasso, Ary Scheffer, van Dongen and Mondrian.

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