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“The Castle of Crossed Destinies” at Art Musings, Mumbai

“Yesterday’s Monument (City of Dreams),” 2019, by Baiju Parthan, Animated 3D Lenticular Print, 36” x 90”, Art Musings
(Courtesy: Artist & Art Musings)

With the exhibition “The Castle of Crossed Destinies” Art Musings carries the year-long five-show sequence celebrating the 20th anniversary of its founding into the gallery’s own space.

On view through April 27, 2019, the exhibition features works by Ajay Dhandre, Baiju Parthan, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, and Nandan Purkayastha.

The first of the five exhibitions “The Castle of Crossed Destinies” features four artists whose individually distinctive oeuvres intersect at key points. “All of them are devoted to a consideration of the unpredictable convergence of past and future. All are held in rapture by the simultaneity of fossil, trace, engine, and dream,” states the release.

All, in different ways, reflect pensively on what it means to be human as well as animal or machine, to belong to several species or categories of being at the same time. These concerns have animated the works of Ajay Dhandre, Baiju Parthan, Chittrovanu Mazumdar, and Nandan Purkayastha, across generations, geographical locations, pedagogical trajectories and journeys of exploration, and choices of medium.

According to the gallery, Ajay Dhandre is a time-traveler, shuttling between an evocation of rediscovered pasts and imagined futures. In his works, such as “The Found and the Made” and “Back to the Future 1 and 2,” he combines natural and human-made objects into a record of the interaction between a species and its habitat.

“Baiju Parthan is an inter-media artist, working simultaneously with traditional media of painting and digital technology-based installation art. He is one of the early exponents of New Media art and mediatic-Realism in the Indian Contemporary art scene,” states the press release. His work presents world views built upon differing ideologies that are in a collision and transforming each other, and the resulting ontological fallout felt and lived by us all.

Composed of bold brushstrokes, elements of collage, Abstract spaces and layered Figurative imagery, Chittrovanu Mazumdar’s raw, almost expressionistic, canvases create a powerful emotional response.

Nandan Purkayastha is mostly inspired by Indian mythology. His works in monochrome achieve depth and dimension, at the same time convey through black and white a range of human emotions. The fine spiral pattern drawing inter-relates all the elements in the painting giving it a unique complexity.

 The exhibition is on view through April 27, 2019, at Art Musings, 1 Admiralty Building, Colaba Cross Lane, Mumbai – 400 005, India.

For details, visit: http://artmusings.net/                   

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.



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